Who We Are

Coffee Lovers

We have a love and passion for all things brewed. It started with a hearty dark roast that helped us get through our college years alive. Now coffee has become a key part of our lives and morning experience.

More Than Just a Coffee Experience

We’re not just passionate about coffee; we strive for that coffeehouse experience. We also offer a selection of premium teas, sourced from Asia. And the flavor selections are uniquely selected by us.
We envision our brews in the hands of people during chats, meet ups or even work. We want our brand to be a part of the daily routine – a part of your journey. Get to know our brand: we are more than what just a brew.
We make sure everything we do is responsible and sustainable – from our commitment to the quality, to the way we engage with our communities.

Our Heritage

We were inspired by our roots and its rich history in agriculture. To our ancestors, agriculture was a way of life. Many of our elders subsisted as farmers in the mountain regions of northern Laos. Farming in cooperative groups or clans, they would walk out to their fields every day from a nearby homestead.

Before they'd set off on a hard days work, they'd would have a small breakfast and a cup of warm aromatic coffee. Then, after a long day of working in their fields, they would come home and help themselves to some boiled vegetables and a hot cup of herbal tea.

Sacramento, California

We are Sacramento natives, born and raised. Our love for our city is as deep and profound as our love for coffee.
Located in the "Farm to Fork" Capital, we find ourselves at the epicenter of some of the freshest resources for our premium offerings.